Rangefinder LED's logistics question.

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OK, where do you all stick your batteries and electronics for RF LED's/ helmet fans, etc?


has anyone managed to get LED's up in the RF using the standard DP stalk and chasing out a slit for the wiring or whatever, or is it essential to upgrade to a hollow Stalk


All my batteries for my electronics are inside the helmet in the little dent created by the right earcap. I hollowed out my own DP stalk with a drill but take it slow and do it in short birsts or else your stalk will melt. You could also carve a ditch into it then use something flat to cover it up once your done.
The donpost RF is ho;;ow and all the electronics will fit inside it. If you have a cast RF it makes the job a bit harder. I ended up cutting a groove ( with a drimel fiberglass cutting wheel) on the inside of my aluminum RF stalk. I'll fill it in with putty and paint it with aluminum paint.
Here's how I'm planning to do mine:

The small blue tube and metal ball will hopefully become my tilt switch. Everything fits inside the rangefinder perfectly, after hollowing out the one I cast in resin with a drill and dremil.
The battery is a 12volt remote control battery.
My '95 green interior DP helmet has a hollow RF, but I didn't want to mess that up. I used it to cast a resin one using a RTV silicone mold, made two, with the second being only the top portion. I used a ban saw at work to cut the thin cover piece (watching my fingers carefully)
I hollowed the other resin RF with a drill and made a bunch of holes without going all the way through and fine tuning it with a dremil.
Took only a few minutes to hollow out.
Where'd you get the circuit board from? I've been eyeing a miniature RR crossing package that has a board and LEDs, but it is set up to run off of a 9V battery. I am wanting something like yours that is all self contained, possibly using watch batteries.
Do you have any pics of your set-up Webchief?
I've been looking for a mercury switch, but couldn't find anywhere nearby selling it. Where did you get yours and how much?
Mine was free! Just look in an old "dial" type wall thermostat. There in there...little glass tube filled with mercury.

As for the pic of the setup, I have one or two that I might be able to dig up.
Those look perfect for the pre-production right gauntlet LEDs as well! The ones on the outside, near the elbow?

Although not 'canon', I've added those to my ROTJ gauntlets, but never figured an easy way to light them up.

BobaFettish wrote:

I've got a mercury switch already (thanks TK0000), I just need something to wire it to. I'd like to see your set-up webchief.

All I can say is HYPERDYN. They've got a small chip (with soud optoin)to work with the mercury switch that will fit inside the range finder. If you get the servo, it also controls the light sequence.
Nope. Mine's solids as...., well, plastic. Tried drilling through, but lost my nerve after about 1/4" and worried about ruining it, so I'll dig a little channel out of the side than run the wire up that and fill it back in.

Can't believe you have a hollow stalk.

Anyone else? If I keep going past the 1/4" point will I strike air?

I have a DP '96 and the stalk is solid. I know this because I snapped the damn thing in half. So now I have to replace it. I think I'm going to buy aluminum stalk unless someone has any better ideas (hint, hint).
Mardon provides a fiberglass stalk that has a hole all the way through the stalk. The Rangefinder is hollow and two piece. Stalk and upper portion of rangefinder need to be painted, while the lower portion of the rangefinder is a opaque clear.

We've not thought much about selling them without the helmet, but if anyone is interested, LMK and I'll look into it.

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