Rangefinder help



Hello all,

I want to know if there's a way to make my rangefinder go up and down on will without actually moving it. I saw it on the Boba in the fanfilm "Jedi Hunter" (which I had nothing to do with, just liked it enough to make it my username).

Anyone know how to do this or where I can find tutorials on it?
I know a guy on the RPF made one. It was shown here in a thread, it was decked out on electronics, with a voice-activated rangefinder.

You might search through the helmet forum, I don't know if it was lost in the great purge though...

My rangefinder goes up and down with a remote control. Problem is, the gears slip. I'm working on getting better gears. It has the LEDs in it too and when its tipped, a mercury switch connects turning the lights on.

I'm going to install the remote switch in my gauntlet so I just press a button on my gauntlet and it'll move.
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