Range Finder Clear Piece


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Hey Everyone,

I have been stalking for a while now - just finished my MOW ESB gauntlets build and this forum was incredibly helpful. My Fett is about 90% there. I was thinking of selling a few months ago, and instead, decided to finish up and submit for 501st approval as my next costume.

In any case, I am wondering if anyone makes the translucent piece for the rangefinder? Or if anyone has any DIY tips with readily available material at Lowes or Home Depot. Something like that. Any help is greatly appreciated. I'm also wondering how you all go about attached your range finder stalks underneath the ear covering piece. What hardware are you using?

Thanks again!


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Which helmet do you have? You may be able to buy one from @animefan but it may not fit your RF topper.

I have an animefan helmet and he has a small bolt that goes up and into the RF topper. I'm buying a stalk from Full Metal Fett though and I plan to just glue it on with JB Weld.