Ralph McQuarrie Boba Fett Concept Helmet WIP

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes' started by AndrewGrant, Feb 28, 2015.

  1. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Hey Guys ! Im new around here and i wanted to show you guys my latest build that i started like a year ago the:

    McQuarrie concept Fett.

    (The progress is slow because i have to study a lot so i don't have much free time on my hand)

    So first i made a basic mando helmet with the WOF templates then i started to build up the basic shapes on top of that like this:


    It was not easy because there aren't any templates for this helmet (or i just didn't find any i don't know)
    so i eyeballed the whole thing.

    After fiberglassing:

    After some deeper research i repaired some details like the visor then i started filling and sanding the whole thing (still in this process) :

    1797573_779729448717407_8942059429192814044_n.jpg 10153687_779790102044675_351769073435953152_n.jpg

    Then i added some details with sintra to the visor and the nose area:

    The next thing i did. I changed the shape of the mouth piece because it was too small so i made it a little bit bigger:

    Like this!

    So this is my progress so far! I will upload more photos as i proceed further with the build.
    I hope you guys like it!

    May the force be with you !
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  2. Fett Seven

    Fett Seven Active Member

    Excellent work.
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  3. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Thanks ! :)
  4. RafalFett

    RafalFett Active Member

    Great work so far! I see that the helmet in your avatar has the ROTJ sindrome (vertically flipped image), as some of the concept arts were inverted in a couple of images. I say this so you can avoid adding the rangefinder to the wrong side on your build. Check out the Gallery for more images ==> Boba Fett Concept Art.
  5. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Thanks ! I keep that in mind ;)
  6. OnnoHeesbeen

    OnnoHeesbeen New Member

    Awesome project! looking good so far, I build the other McQuarrie fett helmet, not always easy interpreting sketches, but it's fun to do.
  7. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Agreed! :D in the beggining it was hard but i get used to it and i became faster and faster in a short time :)
  8. BobasDent1138

    BobasDent1138 Member

    Amazing work so far! Quite inspirational! Now I'm thinking of doing this for my custom mando...
  9. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Well thank you im glad you like it :D And actually i make this for my custom mando set (i will make a thread about that too in the future)
    If you need any tip for the build feel free to ask :)
  10. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member


    Alright i had some free time on the weekend so i progressed further with the sanding and bondoing:

    fotó 3.JPG

    And i noticed that the back of the helmet was asymmetric so i started to fill up that section

    fotó 1.JPG

    So thats all. More updates will come soon !
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  11. BobasDent1138

    BobasDent1138 Member

    Nice! This is coming out great!
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  12. EWOK

    EWOK New Member

    i love all these McQuarrie renditions. good work so far, ill be back :)
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  13. clockworkronin

    clockworkronin New Member

    Too cool. I really like the concept art for the OT,and seeing it in 3D is a treat
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  14. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Hey guys! Sorry that i didnt updated in a while but my finals are coming next week so i cant really work on the helmet for a while. :(

    But in the next update you can see the helmet sanded down and ready to make a silicone mold of it !
    (im planning to do several versions: the original one and custom design for my custom mando armor)
  15. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Really great looking! Can't wait to see more!
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  16. jontom

    jontom New Member

    Looking great so far!

    <------As you can see I'm rather fond of the concept design.
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  17. Doomkitten

    Doomkitten Jr Member

    That looks super awesome, do you by chance have a link to WOF
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  18. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Thanks guys! :D

    Doomkitten - No i dont have a link to WOF but you can find it somewhere here on the forum
  19. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Oh and BTW !!! small update will come! Im still in the sanding process (sigh.) but there is some little changes i would want to show you guys.
  20. zeroskillz

    zeroskillz Jr Member

    The similarity to Boushh is really interesting to me
  21. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Sanding and sanding and sanding and guess what?..... MORE SANDING! (I think im goin' crazy )
    BUT i did some small modifications like this:
    I've glued pvc sheets on the ear and a strip of plastic to the back

    And also! I've attached a big sheet of PVC to the bottom as well to make the whole helmet more stable so it wont fall apart during sanding!

    So that's all for now. Sadly:(

    But i want it to be smooth as possible so i have to pay a big price, and i hope its not just a waste of time.
    I'll be back guys (dont know when but I'll be back! )

    P.S.: Is some one can give me tips how to speed up the sanding procces ? Would really appreciate it !
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  22. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Looking great! From my experience there isn't really a faster way to sand if you're already using a palm-sander. If not I would recommend using one, it really helps. Also a Dremel for change-heavy areas. (y)
  23. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    Im using a palm sander and a dremel too but in the small gaps like near the nose its really hard to build and sand the bondo nicely.
  24. Artakha

    Artakha (Formerly le1120)

    Yeah sanding can be tough. It gets easier after doing it for awhile on the same helmet because by then you know how to angle the sander best, but don't know what it would be like on the McQuarrie helmet. Good luck!
  25. AndrewGrant

    AndrewGrant Member

    OK! Im still sanding BUT i did a small modification again! As you can see in earlier pictures there WAS a small ledge between the ear and the side of the visor. So i leveled it to nice and even. Pictures will be up soon.

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