RafalFett's Boba Fett 3D Projects


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How are folks getting these files into a printable format? I'm struggling with the skp files and keep hitting thier paywall. Thanks and I apologize if this has been addressed


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Download the models from Shapeways, as those are already made to be 3D printed. Create a free account and at most of my models you will see a download button.


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RafalFett Thank you so much for this wonderful thread, my new printer just came in today and about to set it up, add some of these wonderful files and try my hand at the wonderful world of Fett Cosplay and 3D printing!


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Hey guys, I just figured I would post this here. My 3D printed suit - all Rafalfett's files aside from the helmet, gauntlets (Thingiverse ROTJ gauntlets converted to ESB) and soft parts (obviously :p). This was a super fun project and I'm very happy with the outcome. If anyone is starting off with 3d printing and is interested in putting together/finishing a full 3d suit I can post my process.

Printed on an Ender 3 Pro. (If you're starting off with an ender 3 - for the love of god do yourself a favor and get the extension kit from Amazon - it will save you a ridiculous amount of time fusing parts together etc.

Thank you again Rafalfett!

Helmet - EFX
Armor, Shin tools, Jetpack - RafalFett
Gloves, Cape, Flightsuit, Flak Vest - MOW
Boots - WF
Toe Spikes - Quest Design Canada (Still waiting on my WF spikes)
Knee Darts, Jetpack Greeblies - Quest Design Canada
Ammo belt - Delta LW
Gauntlets - Thingiverse with a lot of modification + a WF flamethrower
Girth belt - Equestrian Collections
Wookiee braids - eBay with modifications
Chest Display - Fettronics
Pulce 40/Holster - 3d Printed (Model from Etsy)
EE-3 Rifle - RafalFett (Scope from blasterfactory)


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