RA Soft Suit and other stuff


Well folks, in the last few weeks its been busy and all that but I wanted to drop by and let ya'll know that I did receive my RA jumpsuit, vest, wookie braids, ammo pouches, spare cloth pockets etc. etc.

Did I run into some problems with it? Yes. The quality was excellent, the color was pretty bang on but it just didn't fit. I must have gained some weight in the last month or so or grown an inch and a half taller.

What did they do about it?

Richie told me to send it back to him (vest and jumpsuit) and he would see to it that the necessary alterations were completed.

You can't beat that kinda service folks.

So I've sent it back and am waiting for Richie's confirmation of receipt and that its being worked on.

That's good to know. I'm waiting till I lose a few more pounds before getting my suit. I want to make sure I'm in the best shape possible(for me) before finishing everything up.
Very cool. RA is top-notch in service.

Did the same thing...so, I work out much more extensively, lots of sit-ups and anarobic and arobic workouts.

Down from 210 to 196. :)

Getting closer to that fit Fett!

I had a fitting with my tailor earlier today. He's been making the jumpsuit and vest to my specs and should be finished within the next couple of weeks. I've had the fabric and leather ready to go for several weeks, and it's great to finally see it taking the shape of a bounty hunter!
Just got my vest from RA I agree the quality is bang on and the fit was great, my only niggle was the time it took to reach me (12 weeks!!!) it wasn't all down to RA though, it was stuck in venusuala for 5 weeks :eek:
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Well Richie did just have something big he sorta had to attend recently but my alterations are in the works so maybe that is what is taking folks some time to get their orders.

Calm people... enhance calm... it will be there.

I orderd a RA jumosuit,vest,ammo belt,braids, side pouches and its all top quality.

great service and high recomend RA stuff as its well worth the $$$$$ ive spent on my costume


I'm going to get an RA jumpsuit myself. Because of the odd color I was going to buy the material and ship it to him. I wasn't sure what the best material is though. Is cotton the best, or some kind of denim material(I did see my color in silk at the fabric store :) ) I'm going with a deep purple and I thought it best if I found the material instead of hoping he could colormatch properly. So tell me folks, share your knowledge of fabrics please.
I found a fabric that might work ffor me called Trigger. It;s a 65% poly and 35% cotton. The clerk told me Trigger wouldn't wrinkle like cotton would and was a bit lighter than denim. I wanted to see what everyone's jumpsuits are made from so I don't get the wrong stuff.

Remo Locke wrote:

I found a fabric that might work for me called Trigger. It;s a 65% poly and 35% cotton. The clerk told me Trigger wouldn't wrinkle like cotton would and was a bit lighter than denim. I wanted to see what everyone's jumpsuits are made from so I don't get the wrong stuff.

Others can correct me but I think you have to be careful with poly blends. Unless the colour is exactly what you want it to be they will not hold dye very well (if at all :))

Hopefuly that helps...

BTW what type of bounty hunter worries about wrinkles ;)

Good luck!

You want a material called Cotton Twill, it has the slight diagonal pattern as the real suit does.....

Blends don't accept dye to well..

This material is actually in the exact color I wanted. I was just unsure of how good this really is. I found it at Hancock Fabrics. The lil old lady who helped me out actually has been to some cons because her daughter is into them. She asked me if I hang out by the Imperials. I told her thats why I was in her store, to get my costume together.
That's funny! I got my fabric for my Boba jumpsuit I sent to RA at Hancock Fabrics too. Helped by an older lady as well!!

:D :lol:

One tip, wash the fabric before you send it to RA, that way if it's going to shrink, it shrinks before it becomes a jumpsuit...


take care,

Anyone have any online leads to buy a correct "Cotton Twill" fabric as Lynn mentioned above?

I want to have RA do my suit, but want to make sure the fabric is as dead on as possible.

If anyone knows a good fabric to send him for the vest as well, I could use that info. ;)

RA does a super job, I would deal with him again.. Great guy.

I also had to send my jumpsuit back as well and have it corrected, and with out error it was done in a blink of an eye..
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