R.I.P my dog "Sarge", i loved you and you will be missed.



I am writing here because i feel a level of grief that i haven't previously felt before. I just received a phone call form my distraught brother, who was afraid to tell me he had just found my dog dead in the garage where he sleeps. We don't know what happened, but dad says he died in his sleep. I am finding it hard to type as my tears won't seem to stop and are blurring my vision.

Sarge had been a loyal companion to me ever since we got him 14 years ago from the pound. He was the runt of the litter, which we think may of contributed to him being the most wonderful caring dog a family could ever ask for. He was never aggressive towards any member of the family, always looked after myself and my brother Sean, and provided us with so many good memories over the years i cant even start to count them on my fingers. What makes me feel much worse is that i'm currently living over a thousand Kilometers from him, and my family who needs me right now.

My father talked to me after Sean, and said he had buried him this evening right where asked once, between two trees in the backyard, just under A replica of Anduril (the sword of aragorn from lord of the rings) i had Stuck between them, a la sword in the stone style. At least i know now that whenever i visit home that his final resting spot shall be marked by a sword that represented both his dedication to his family, and his good soul, that i know hope waits for me in heaven where he so rightfully belongs.

I will never be able to replace you, and you will always live on in my memories . I love you still, and miss you until my dying days. Thank you for being there for me as a child, giving me the support i needed that no human ever really can. My only regret is that i did not get enough photos of you, but this will make me treasure the ones i have of you even more.




you will be very sorely missed my friend,
Love Matt
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Star Wars Chick

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I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose one and I deal with this also on a daily basis (I'm a vet). My thoughts are with you and may your memories always keep Sarge alive in your mind and heart :)
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I am very sorry to hear about your dog.
I've had pets all of my life - rats, cats, fish, dogs... and it is never easy to lose a beloved pet.
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Scott Kaufmann

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I'm so sorry for your loss. Atleast he passed away in his sleep and that he wasn't in pain. Just remember all the great times you had with him and that he loved you. Sarge and you will be in my thoughts.
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Sorry bro, thats rough. We grieve with you. Hang in there, let the memories make you smile.

psst, even the toughest mandoes cry ;)


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Aww man. . . sorry to hear about Sarge. :(
I've lost 2 dogs in the past, both hit by cars. It sucks plain and simple.
I'm sure he knew you loved him and was glad to share his life with you.


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I know how you feel and my sympathies are definetely with you. I lost my best friend (German Shepard/Chow mix) a year ago and while it does get easier over time it seems to always hurt a little at times.

Just remember how much he loved you and know that because of you and your family rescuing him from the pound he had a good life and was loved. What more can a friend ask for?

Wow...I got a little teary just typing this...:cry


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losing a furry family member is hard. i lost my kitty a bit over a year ago now, and it still feels like only yesterday.

it sounds like you gave him a great life while he was here, and that's all anyone, furry or not, can really ask for.

Darth Valcar

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Dude, what a sweet little bundel of joy..... you will always have the memory deep within your heart of such a sweet little fella.

To loose such a family member is hard, but you know he is now all togged up in his Mando doggy armour kicking butt chasing dogi jedi mutts.

Hang in there dude...........
I'm sorry man I've lost alot of dogs and it hurts, but the sadness will pass, just remember all your best moments with him. I speak peace and joy over you. God bless you Vader_Pet.


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I'm sorry for your loss. I know my hardest pet to lose was my first dog Smoky. She was 14, old for a short-leg beagle...but she had the snout that wouldn't stop sniffing. Sniffed her right into the road one morning, but at least it was quick and painless for her.

Keep your pup in your memories and always think about those good times you had with him.

Jimmy BufFETT

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I'm very sorry to read about your loss.:cry My cat passed away when I was 21 ... I had it for over 14 years. So I understand how difficult it is.


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Oh man , Im sorry to hear that mate. :cry
I'll be on line tomorow morning if you want a chat , you know the addy and the time.

Take it easy bud, talk to you soon.


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I had a dog named Sarge as well, he was a Great Dane. I know what it is like to lose a dog you've had for years. Sorry about your loss.