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i have three quick questions that I need to finish my boba:
1.the neckseal in pictures looks lighter than the flightsuit, is it white, a lighter grey or am I just perceiving this wrong?
2. The same question as the first but for the flak vest, it seems to be less grey than the flightsuit and I just wanted to make sure of this
3. Does anyone have a comphrensive tutorial for the jetpack hooks? Maybe it's because I'm on mobile but I can't seen to find one. Is there a way to place them without a drill? I have a MOW jetpack I believe and Im pretty crappy with power tools and stuff. I don't want to crack or tear up something this expensive
many thanks in advance


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For my ROTJ build I'm using almost an ivory colour material (just looked right) for both the flak jacket and neck seal but the 501st CRL says

"... Must have appearance of 'tackle twill' fabric and be light gray in color, weathered and quilted..." and the same material as the neck seal.


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The neck seal and vest are a light grey in colour. They are definitely lighter than the flight suit which is more of a grey with blue-ish hue. Both will look different under different lighting conditions.

You are going to want (and need) to drill those hooks in. The MOW pack weighs about 15lbs, and you don't want that falling off. If you don't have the hooks yet, Full Metal Fett sells stainless steel hooks that are awesome. Take your time. Measure twice, drill once :) Get someone to help lift and place the pack if you need to. Just don't glue those hooks!

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as far as i knew, the difference between the flak vest and the neck seal was miscommunication between seamstresses and using the wrong side of the same fabric.


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With the flak vest and neck seal, the tackle twill is supposed to shiny side out for one and dull side out of the other. That's probably why they look different colors in the pics. You have some leeway and both are acceptable. It's a matter of personal choice as both are correct.