quick painting question


i'm working on the back of my esb helmet right now. i masked last night and put the yellow down. i know not accurate but i had some left and i figured it works well with the under layer on the armor. anyway, i'm going to mask that off tonight and do the top coat of green. my question is, what color hunter green is recommended? i'm doing mine with spray paints. i've read affo$$ airbrush challenged thread and it says to use hunter green and the navy blue. i guess i'm not sure if he means hunter green or dark hunter green. the hunter green looks like too bright of a green to me. or do you use that much navy that it kills the brightness that much?

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Hmmm...I dunno. Wish I could give you a difinitve answer on this one. Probably want to try spaying the green first, the lightly hitting it with the blue. Afterward blend the colors together with a scotch brite pad. I never used these actuall colors before, but have done it with other colors...so, I'm not shure thats the way to do it %100, but it would seem like a logical proceedure. Since no one else is chiming in here for you, my advice would be to Definately practice on some scrap stuff first if you can ;) That way you will know if you are gonna be happy with it before ending up having to sand your bucket down cause it didn't turn out the way you like. Wish I could be of more help :(


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Laying down American Accents Midnight Blue Satin, then misting it with Krylon Hunter Green Satin (while its still wet) gets you the color in the pic below. If you lay down the green first instead, you should end up with a bit of a greener (is that a word) color.

*Don't mind the shapes of the scratches, I ended up doing a repaint to make them a little better. ;)