quick codpiece question

Boba Freekk

Active Hunter
im trying to figure out where does the top of the cod end.i have been looking through tons of pics and its difficult to tell.my guess is that the top of the cod is even with the top of the girth belt, which would also be the bottom of the ammo pouches.am i right?im doing ESB by the way.

any helpfull hints?
It all depends... I'm remaking mine so the girth bottom sits on the cod top like in the AOSW and ROTJ publicity stills, thus exposing the whole cod piece.

For ESB, you probably want the girth top even with the cod top, thus only making the bottom of the cod piece show.

thanks lynn.after heavy examination the of ESB promo shots, that was kinda my conclusion.i guess i just needed a second opinion.thanks for the pic also, i can use it for a reference.

thats a great looking cod, but dont take it the wrong way though :lol:
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