questions from a beginner?


Ive just resently started my fett outfit and didnt
no about this site. Question 1 whats the best material
to use for armour and hows the best way to create the
cod piece. Cheers


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Welcome on board. You can make the armour using templates available from this board (wizardofflight), I've seen some guys making the armour from cardboard, foam board, fibreglass or ABS plastic. It really depends on how skilled you are with making your own props. Have a search around and you'll find loads of info and tips.

Good luck and have fun


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Welcome aboard! And yeah, what Daz said. By the way, you may want to remove that picture from the banner area of your posts. I'm pretty sure it violates the COC with regard to inappropriate material.


Oops how did that get there. Cheers for that its noted and
removed.I,ll have to keep looking around at pictures etc
for the cod piece. Thanks.

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Do a search for "trash can" armor also. AFettfullofdollars, has a great thread on making armor, based on Wizard of Flight's templates, out of plastic Sterilite trash cans. "for sale" signs from Home Depot, etc are a good material. Check out SD68's helmet build for reference. Honus does impressive work with foamboard, cardboard and chipboard.

I would suggest using the SEARCH function on any given subject: jumpsuit material, armor templates, painting tips and colors most anything. There are also stickies on most sections that address common questions related to that section.

One of the best things someone ever said on this board, I think it was Jedibrain, was:

"The only thing you can do wrong, is not make any armor! "

Glad to have you on board! :)
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Hi Fettzilla,

Welcome to the TDH! Everyone else stated it pretty well. You should be able to find everything you could possibly need to know here.

Have fun with your Fett building!