Question on the mystery helmet


I saw a mystery helmet and i want to know what everyone thought about it and the kit. is it worth getting and trying out? or would i be buying a piece of junk? i am new to the fett costume building.


Some pics of the Kit in question, would help the Helmet Gurus here give you an educated answer. Why are pics needed, you ask? Well, anyone can say they have a Mystery helmet Kit for sale...some real, and some not [e.g. I have no idea where i got my helmet from, so it's a mystery helm. :lol:] (y)

Anyhow, good luck!

Stay safe,

these are some pics of what i found.

mystery helmet.jpg

mystery helmet pieces.jpg
One word...No.

That said, stay away from this'll have a much safer and better transaction with the Hunters here. It might take some time, but at least you'll be getting quality items.

In fact, if you're willing to pay that price, look for SF [See PM], he's got a great helmet at that price.

Stay safe,

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Byyynik, i wonder from where u r goin to get this mystery helmet ? and why everyone here advised to stay away from this "guy" ?

They are being sold by a seller called amiadfilter. Just do a search on this board for that name and read the threads that pop up.
i would stay as far away from amifilter as you can i have delt with him before STAY AWAY!!!!! bad molds fiberglass sloppy very sloppy and to top it off ya can get in touch with this guy and takes for ever to get the bucket he is in it for the cash not the pride
wow thanks guys for the info. same things almost happened when last time i wanted to get a complete Boba from SFP, thankfully my friends pointed me here, TDH.
Whewwwww! /wipesbrow that was a close one. i contacted sgt fang so hopefully i can get one of his master pieces. i have the dp but it lacks the flare i would like for extra electronics.
Unless he's changed his materials, a Mystery helmet that specifically comes from SgtFang looks like this (please ignore the modifications and tweaks which are in white).


Notice the cream/yellowish color.

Now if you prime it gray, sure, it'll look like this:


The eBayer's photos of the interior show fiberglass. As far as I know, the Sarge's castings are in resin, which means the interior is going to be smooth.

At any rate, get it from the Sarge. He's here on TDH.
Yes sarg fang is a good guy. The kit isnt that expesnive as other i have seen. Very good price and i am just waiting on mine to come in from him should be here any day now. then i can become boba. lol.
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