Question on Technique


Alright folks, I know there are at on of posts buried throughout this forum on what technique everyone might want to use etc but I'm making one that I can bookmark and recall with ease. My bucket should be arriving this week and as everyone who has been involved with it knows, I'm anxious to get at it soooooooo here is what I was thinking.

Step 1: Cut out the visor T and sand it nice and smooth
Step 2: Primer coating the entire exterior of bucket
Step 3: Chrome the entire exterior of bucket
Step 4: Paint the main green on the bucket. Wait till it dries
Step 5: Add scratches with steel wool pad?
Step 6: Paint red mandibles and repeat above step with steel wool pad?
Step 7: Paint the cheek sections and repeat the above steps with steel wool pad?
Step 8: Add finishing touchs with touch up paint (silver and grey)
Step 9: Add a flat clear coat to exterior to protect artwork?

Now, is this how its done folks? If not what were YOUR methods, tools, trick etc.

I'm compiling a complete manual to work in conjunction with the various Rogue Studio paint guidelines etc and will document my own buckets transformation.



For the visor, go to a Harbor Freight store or their website They have a little dremel-like tool for 19.99 or 9.00 on sale, that will fit down in the helmet really well with lots of manuvering room! :) I wish I'd known about these when I cut my two out!

For sanding, Just cut yourself out a miniature sanding block that fits the curve of the inside of the visor.

Good Luck!



Personaly, I would sand the helmet BEFORE cutting the visor out. That way, the helmet is more stabile.
As for the paint, I don't think I would paint the Entire helmet green. I'd probably mask off the mandibles and such. That way when you scratch it up, the green doesn't show through. That's the way I did my previous helmet, and that it the way I'm doing my Mystery Helmet. With the Rogue Studios Colors. I'm doing ROTJ, but I'm still using the Panzer olive grun.
Make sure to put several coats of silver/chrome on the helmet. You don't want to sand/steel wool through the chrome. I'm using 600 grit sandpaper not steel wool.
Personal pref.
Hope this helps.
Robert E.