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ESB Rifle Sling Run Intrest

Ok guys, I figured out how I'm going to do the ESB rifle Slings, and I'm now ready to offer an intrest thread, with the help of saxecoburg I have made a 32 inch long leather strap that will have the groove lines on the strap and will be dyed a antiuqe medium brown. Slings will run at $25 shipped. I'll put 10 to start out with, but I can make more. I will get a pic up as soon as I can. (the ring in the strap is just to let you know what the strap will look like with the ring in it)

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The rifle itself has a small sling “stud” with about a ¾” ring hanging off of it. The sling passes through the ring and than closes on itself. Overall I think the sling was about 32” long and about ¾” wide.

I’ve got the details and pics on my home computer… give me your email address and I’ll get them to you.
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Here's a pic on a real webley, stock ring is the same.


ESB ring.JPG
Thanks Saxecoburg I didn't realize there was grooves in the strap, this will change alot, and i can see why he charged what he charged, but I will do my best to figure this out
it does come with the connections to attach to the rings, I went ahead and moved this over to the cargo hold, with better pics
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