For Sale Quality Jetpack harness kit



HH. Props is very exited to present our version of the famous screen accurate jetpack harness,.

Over a period
of time we have been Working on a setup to fabricate a quality "budget" harness, if you are interested in
progress pictures, head over to our facebook site And give it a like :

Fs: jet pack harness incl. strapping kit.

The harness itself is made from stainless steel pipe as are the crossbars. Lower crossbar is made from aluminum.
The harness comes with complete strapping kit incl. shoulder straps, waist belt and straps for top d rings.

The shoulder straps are made from 50 mm wide safety belt and waist belt is made from 50 mm. polyester strap. Top straps are also polyester straps 40 mm wide.

All straps comes as pre cut and are ready to be sewn in to place. This option is chosen to make it easy for you to customize length to your size.

!! New price one complete kit (as in photo) incl. strapping kit and world wide shipping is $190,- (includes 5$ paypal Fee)

Please send
PayPal to (!!NOT AS GIFT)

!!Make sure to incl. your full name and shipping address
in the transfer as well as your forum name.

We currently have 10 complete sets ready for shipping. When PP is received, we will confirm

Here in this thread.
So Paid is ordered.


Spots: Run. (reserved spots need to pay within 5 days or your spot is given to the next in line)

1. evnltr/paid/shipped
2. Pblizzard/paid/shipped
3. Boba79/paid/shipped
4. 32700/paid/shipped
5. Big Game/paid/shipped
6. DStep/paid/shipped
7. Wasted fett/paid/shipped
8. Minutfett/paid
9. Jamofett/paid/shipped
10. Wasted fett/paid/shipped

interest list for next run (CLOSED)
1. James Klug
2. cassusord
3. Fenrisulfr
4. RedBeard
5. Jason hurlock
6. gustavohm
7. Pmanino
8. Crackerbasket
9. h2odemon
10. Liftingfett198
11. Fatbed
12. Scimitar
13. Niktrooper
14. Matz Boba
15. Boba39
16. Redbeard
17. Jochensen
18. Stormmauer
19. Jochsen



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Hey, wondering if I can get the strapping kit to go with the prototype harness I already got from you. Let me know what you'd need for it! Thanks!
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Darth Voorhees

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hey can you put me down...a garrison mate may want one and he cant post in the cargo hold i wanna hold the spot for him...gonna message him right now
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Would you be willing to have an option without the strapping and D rings at a slightly reduced price? I already have these items :)
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Deathproof, maybe you and I can work something out for the strapping kit?
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Darth Voorhees

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Thanks... I really hope that ther is interest fore a second run
Im pretty sure there will be. Right now these are hard to come by and only one person is doing them and hes currently on a break

The screen accuracy nuts are gonna want these, and we have plenty of screen accuracy nuts here lol... so i think you'll have the market for em.
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Darth Voorhees

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OMG i am Sorry! i wasnt saying yours were heavy!:( thats totally not where i meant to go with that comment! My apologies! I removed that comment.

I just know aluminum is usually lighter than Stainless...material thickness does come into play though here. Mine is SS and weighed about double then the aluminum one. I think it was 2lbs or so.

Thats a great weight for a SS one!

Oh and take me off the list for now.....unless you can hold one till next week? Otherwise my bud cant swing it right now, but if you do another run, he is likely in!
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I think Deathproof was more astounded at the weight and surprised he wasn't already set on a second run - not taking offense to your post Mr. Voorhees.
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