PVC Cement ANyone try it?


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Good question. Maybe it can work but I worry about the stuff being a little bit "stringy" when you pull the applicater out of the can. I guess only one way to find out......:D


ive used it on sintra but never on a visor. hot glue work really good!


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I don't know if I would risk using this glue on a visor. Some adhesives like cyanoacrylate glue will give off a vapor that will etch clear parts. Found that out the hard way during my model building days when I used cyano glue to glue in a canopy window on one of my jet models.


I wouldn't do it. For one thing, it's messy as hell. You'll get it all over the visor. For another, it'll melt your visor. And then there's the fumes. It'll probably "smoke out" all the fingerprints on your visor, making it impossible to see out of.

And the most important reason not to.......You won't be able to remove your visor (as easily) if you ever crack it or need to repaint.