Purplish hue to starfortress jumpsuit


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I was looking at some pics taken at Wizard World this past weekend and it became glaring to me how purple my starfortress "TK409 grey" jumpsuit was. It looked more like Seeker's Jango suit than Got Maul's Boba suit.

I've tried bleaching this thing a couple of times to remove the purple tint. Has anyone had sucess with this? In the pic, I'm the Boba who is not GM and who's suit looks purple...;)

wizard world.jpg
YA I heard that you never know what color you where going to get. Its best not to compare anything to Got maul's though. I would have to start over.
purple ? I didn't take notice at all Bill. I had a Starfortress suit that friggin bordered jango's color it was SO purple, but I didn't notice it on yours at all...
Actually, I think it appears purpler in pictures than it does in person. I did bleach it a couple of times, so it has gotten more subdued. I going to bleach it again since it needs to be washed anyway. I got the suit from someone on the board, so I don't know when it was made.
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