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HI, I am interested in buying these Boba Fett boots off a guy on ebay at "prop Palace". Can anyone give me any info on him. I want to make sure he is reliable and what-not. I dont want to pay him and not get anything or get my boots and have them be a POS. Well if any of you could give me some help it would be awesome!

I have not heard a lot of good things about this particular dealer on any of the forums that I am a part of and most people would try to steer you away from purchasing from him. The items he offers aren't that accurate. Someone else could probably answer your question on this matter better than I could though. You could try searching for "bounty hunter boots" on eBay if you want to purchase some high quality boots. Hope this helps.

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Yea, stay away from the prop palace. My neighbor ordered a Fett vest from him and it came in totally wrong. Since then, he has had a hard time communicating with them to get it fixed. He ended up having to spend even more money having it altered. It was big enough to fit 2 Fetts in it. I would suggest to stay with Ebay, that is where I got mine. Oh, and be warned, the prop palace does sell stuff on Ebay so make sure it is not from them.
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All notoriety aside, the accuracy of their boots is sub-par.

I can't speak about quality, but just accuracy-wise the boots are quite a bit off.
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The P.P. boots are the wrong color.You might be able to find A
nice vynel paint to make them the correct color.But the next
problem is the spikes are totally wrong.
I had a pair and they are very inaccurate, hence the had part. The colors are wrong (green & gray with a black sole), the material is wrong (leather), the toes are wrong (rounded), and the spike are wrong (too long & stick out of the tips of the toes). They are nicely made as far as quality goes, but they are way too inaccurate for my taste. I'd give them a (n).
His colors appear to be off in a number of different items. I wonder if he doesn't just work from poor reference material and doesn't account for lighting?

In some scenes, particularly rotj, the boots may in fact appear greyish and green.

Best excuse I can come up with,
A friend of mine has the Prop Palace boots... I'd have to say that you should definitely steer clear of them. Pretty innaccurate. In fact, you could make better looking boots yourself by following the directions on Mark Bradley's website. That's what I did. I was pleased with the results. Course...if you can get a hold of one of MC's pair, grab 'em! They are the best!
I agree,
MCs boots are the sh*t,I have not seen any better anywere.
Well worth the asking price.In my opinion dead on accurate.
All you need to do is weather them and your set.How did I
weater my boots?Well me and my 6 year old so played with
our collection of lightsabers in the yard.I have mostley
dirt in my yard.(thanks to the dogs)So we just ran and jumped
around for A whil and BAM instent weathering.
OK, the Cheng boot run is dead. Has anybody tried the prop palace boots and painted them to look correct? Anyone know of a boot spat supplier? Anyone have any other suggestions? Anyone?
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I've seen the Prop Palace boots and no offense but... I think you could make a better pair if you just used old Vans or old Converse canvas sneakers as a base.
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