i haven't posted in awhile so i thought i'd post what i've done so far...


here's a shot of the suit so far, with wickedbeard knees (thanks again (y) )


here's the chest/ab plates with some wash i was using to replicate blood splatter, along with an imperial rank badge and some code cylinders i have to make pouches for.


and here's the latest progress on my bucket. i have to finish rub 'n' buffing the earcap and finish the RF.

so lemme know what you guys think, unfortunately i haven't worked on it in awhile, and when i did i forgot the camera :p

opinions and comments are always welcome :cheers
thanks guys,

yup, an imperial mando it is

Marx, the cylinders may be a little big, but i'm going to add some fabric to the vest to make some pockets to mount them, like in the films.

thanks wickedbeard, i figured that out of all the mandos in the galaxy, one was bound to sell out to the empire and enlist, and i'm going to dirty it up some more to show he's not some high and mighty officer that won't get down and dirty with his troops...besides a mando's a mando right, we live for battle and the honor that comes with victory.