Progress & finished PICS of my MLC Boba helmet! Opinions?


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Well, I got my sweet prized possesion in the mail last Wed., I stayed up late all thru the week painting & here it is-
Thanks to MLC for the awesome helmet!:cheers Bountys Hunted- for helping me aquire said helmet & for all of the answers to my questions:cheers & Lynn TXP for listing the colors spray paints he used on his bucket a while back, and also his brilliant visor installment method! :cheers....Well, without further adieu(is that spelled right?)----
DP 96 comparison shot-


visor & visor test fit-




paintin time!(yes I painted with the visor in, only cuz I couldn't wait to try on the bucket with it installed:lol:)




Annndddd now the finished pics---(y)






Here is a full body shot of my suit w/ bucket

hey thanks for looking! I appreciate the opinions & comments, and I had a blast paintin this rad bucket:grin


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thanks for the compliments everyone, yeah I thought the helmet looked a little big too, but when its painted and on with the suit, it looks and feels oh so right(I could just have a big melon though:lol:)

Jodo Kast 2749

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I know the helmet is nice and wide in true ESB fashion. How is it front to back? I wear glasses and I'm just barely ok with the DP95 but I don;t want to feel like I'm driving from the back seat either. :lol:


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yeah my face sits about 1-2 inches away from the actual visor, so its kinda different to get used to, but a good different! my face was practically smashed in the DP 96 I had, and now it doesn't fog up on me either(y)
-and yeah it does look alot like an ESB shape to me(got me thinkin;))


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That came out great! You did an excellent job on painting it..congrats!(y)

Would it be okay, if I send this link to Jezz Hill of
He might like to feature your painting skills :)



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Great job on the painting! The detail is great! I have a Don Post and it will most likely be years before I upgrade, but I think you did a very good job. Thanks for posting the pics. :D

John Barrows, Jr.


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thanks y'all, fett-texas ranger- if you search ROTJ helmet color scheme(or something to that effect), I think it lists Lynn TXP's paints that he used for his, they are great colors, and I found em' all at Fred Meyer and Home Depot(spray paints). Good luck!
Late as usual but hey....

Sweet job on a sweet helmet.

I am eye balling the MLC's myself.

I voted fro the ROTJ paint job on the latest pole.

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Did not delcare a variable - sorry :):):):)

Either way, great job on the bucket.