Primers and then paint to EVA & Plastics


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Hi all. Questions about paint if I may from the UK.
1-Can you use an Enamel Spray primer then use a Matt, or gloss Spray paint as its main base covering?
2- if you can, can this then be aged using Acrylic paints then Sealed using Plasti dip?
3-Do you apply Plasti dip after each coat of Primer, and Main base colour? E.g. x3 primer x 3 plasti dip. X3 base coat x 3 Plasti dip? Or do all 3 primer x1 Plasti dip. All 3 base coats x 1 Plasti dip?
PLASTICS, such as Rubis EE3 Blaster, Plastic Drain pipes, overflow pipes-
Same Question really
I'm asking as I have some Enamel Primer, but not sure what paints you can apply on it, and the sealant to use, such as Plasti dip Spray. I know Clear Laquer is bad with Enamael, but wasnt sure once it was covered with matt/Gloss spray.. or am I wrong. Advice please. I hope that makes sense by the way lol
Many thanks as always, Adie UK.
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Yes, you can use enamel primer. Let it dry/cue completely. The paint brand and thickness you use will vary. I use enamel spray paints and then use arcylic paints for base or weathering with no issues. I also use enamel clear coats. Again no issues. But regarding Plasti dip. I have no clue since I do not do that.