Primer, Sanding, Visor Mounting and Upper Cheek Color


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I've searched, but haven't found a good answer yet.
I just need to know what primer is ok to use for a DP, whether I should sand (before and after priming?), and also is a regular flat black ok for the ESB upper cheeks (Walmart COlorplace?)

I've heard that the Colorplace Walmart brand gray primer is ok to use even though it says for Wood and Metal. And also the same brand for the flat black.

Also, I've gotten all my ESB colors, except for the lower back one. Could someone please let me know what one closely matches it? I heard the Japanese Navy Green is ok, but not quite as "bluish".

Lastly, I'll be getting a regular welding shield to replace the DP visor. I don't know whether to screw it in or glue it? And also, if I get a flimsy one (cuz I think that's all that I can get), should I reinforce the mandibles somehow?

Any help would be appreciated! :)

Dude, I've told ya... that colorplace primer works fine. I painted my Don Post that way and its never been a problem.
Yep, you're the one I got my info from! :)
I just wanted to know if anyone else had trouble with it perhaps?! I'm not a good paint I wouldn't know.

WalMart, here I come! :D

BTW, thanks for your help Bob! Much appreciated, and I will send you some pics of my progress soon! ;)

I think just about any spray primer will work. I have used the colorplace as well as other primers and have had no problems.
For the visor, I hot glued mine in with high temp glue sticks. I drilled small holes all around the visor,held the visor in place and injected the hot glue through the holes. Be careful not to inject to much and have it come out past the T area. do a small section at a time and hold it until it cools and move on.
The only thing you should have to sand on the helmet is the old "kill" stripes and the filler to cover the copyright info.Maybe a slight sand over the whole thing to add some "tooth" for the paint to adhere.
Not sure on the colors, haven't started on my ESB helmet yet:)
You certainly don't need to, but I usually lightly sand over the primer w/ fine sandpaper on anything I'm working on before I paint. Some primers leave a kinda "grainy" look to them, but you won't be able to see it unless your looking up close. I think it makes my stuff look a bit better anyway. Up to you man! :)
Ok wicked. My exams are done, so I should be starting my ESB paint job very soon! All I gotta get is the lower back color :p

Oh yeah, I also need an aluminum rangefinder stalk...hmmm
Does anyone know where I could score one for a decent price?
Or maybe someone would like to trade me for my kenner trooper blaster? :)

Thanks for the tips so far!


Bobo wrote:

Ok wicked. My exams are done, so I should be starting my ESB paint job very soon! All I gotta get is the lower back color :p

Lucky bugger! :lol:. I'm just starting mine & they suck! :( I should probably be studying harder, but I'm so stressed out, the only way I can make myself feel better is work on my new ESB vest! :lol: Good luck w/ your helm bud!

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