Primer for a 97


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Hey everyone,
This is my first post here :)
I've had this helmet for several years and have always wanted to repaint it. Thankfuly it's in really good shape(doesn't look like it's run over) I've been working on fine tuning the shape I want. I've already cut out the visor and I want to repaint it with an ESB scheme. The only thing is that it's a 97, and I've heard you have to be careful with what you paint with or it may not dry, come off, ect. Are there a few primers someone could suggest that I could get at my local store? I live in the states just to let you know.



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Thanks guys!

I've heard people suggest using a gap filler type primer..
Is there any difference at all, or do they all do the job the same?

Thanks again :)


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Welcome... Stick to normal car primer, I think gap filler primer will be too thick. Be sure to lightly sandpaper the surface though before spraying to give the paint a nice surface to stick to. Wet and Dry sandpaper (medium grade) will be great. Good luck!