Pred's friend's gauntlets, Pic intensive!!


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Here are pics of my friends ROTJ gauntlets that I painted for him. They are Ruffkins kit and they are quite cool. On to the pics.



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Talk about realism . . . You weathered that sucker pretty darn good!

Looks like someone out there has been kicking some jedi tail!

Lynn TXP 0369

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Looks great!!! Is it RS colors??

Oh, don't forget to paint the key pad buttons.

from Left to right... Two rows red, two rows black, one row silver.



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Thanks for the kind words folks. To answer the questions, all the weathering is done with the mustard method, and then has some grimey black painted on in some areas to give it that dirty look. I did forget to paint the calc pad buttons but the acutal owner fixed them. The color is the Lee's color I forgot the name of it but it is the right one.