Pre-pro helmet colors?

Actually, I think the base green on the prepro bucket would be the same as the ESB. It's hard to see, but look at the areas that are not so heavily weathered with the gray overspray.
Yea I am using the same base green for the dome, and lower cheaks as ESB, but I think the upper cheaks are the same color as ROTJ, and as for the mandibles I have no idea.
A friend and I always thought one of the pre-pro suit to have a lot more blue tint in it. His helmet and right chest plate especially.
It is a cool color scheme. Maybe a bit Day-glo for my taste but cool nonetheless. Not fond of that blaster pistol though, reminds me of a hot glue gun.
Hey! Not only do I like that gun, but I have one too. But I am also getting a ROTJ style blaster cause I like those too.
You know something really funny that I've noticed since starting this hobby? In the beginning I saw more pre-pro suits than anything. I think that was because there was more reference out there for it than the movie-used suits. Now I hardly ever see any of the pre-pro version, and it's a shame because today a pre-pro could really be done up right!
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