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Discussion in 'Boba Fett Costume' started by LB66679, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    been a member here for a while and have posted a couple helmet paint ups and my ESB build but this time I'm going in the direction of pre pro 1 !

    It started a while ago when I got a old fiberglass MLC helmet that had no dent but had the scratch put in . Painted it up and fell in love and after a long debate I've decided to build the whole costum .

    I have a couple things on order and am in talks with a couple vendors now for more parts . I'll update this as I go along but it will take a while .





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  2. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    I know there is no official CRL for this costume so my understanding is that I have to submit to my GML and he will send photos to the BHG for approval . Is this correct ? Also I got some Martin baker buckles in but they aren't exactly right but it just says in the mock CRL that a vintage side buckle is ok

  3. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    I also have built or began to build my flame thrower . It was built from templates here and made out of abs . This is in preparation of my gauntlet arrival


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  4. Drax

    Drax Member

    I've been slowly acquiring parts for a pp1 build as well. I cant go full steam on it until I finish my rotj first but it's nice to have some stuff already done. I'm looking forward to watching this build. It's to seldom that you see a pp1.
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  5. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    Exactly why I wanted to build a PP1 , there isn't many out there . It's always a waiting game gathering parts hahaha
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  6. ThatRndmBounty

    ThatRndmBounty Active Member

    Pre pro 1 is my favorite. But parts take longer to do or get. So went second fav with ESB.
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  7. MythicalFett

    MythicalFett New Member

    Nice helmet! Good luck with the build.
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  8. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    IMG_2815.jpg IMG_2841.JPG Got some jet pack parts coming in from the homie , also got some other parts in the mail
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  9. LB66679

    LB66679 Member


    Need to get the guts sorted but its looking close
  10. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    Ditched the other buckle in favor of a real one sorted from a member here ! Also ordered braids and pouches and got my hand patches in just need to tweak the color a bit

  11. NorCalCap

    NorCalCap Member

    Looking good so far!
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  12. WhyItMatterz

    WhyItMatterz Member

    Love the PP1, cant wait to see how your build turns out, looks great so far!
  13. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    Thanks my dude !
  14. LB66679

    LB66679 Member

    Thanks man I'm super excited to be building this
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  15. ToEleven

    ToEleven Member

    Glad to see a PP1. Looking good!
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  16. Loufett

    Loufett New Member

    Where did you get the patches?

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