PP1 Helmet: Metal Dental Files????

Boba die Wix

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Hey everybody,

is there any reference for the helmet back of the PP1 Version?
I haven´t found any informations on the wiki.
Are the dental files placed on the casio board too?



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While there is no clear image with the back of the Pre-Pro #1 helmet, the Supertrooper sheet says 2 dentist drills. And because the Supertooper (more or less) was converted to the Pre-Pro #1 suit, most of the features are present here too, so my answer is: YES, there were dental files on the Supertrooper/Pre-Pro #1 helmet. Here is an older thread regarding these files ==> Dental Files On The Supertrooper Helmet? and some here ==> The Boba Fett Suit Fact Files - Post #45.