Pouches - Pockets and Spats OH-MY


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After reviewing the list that Count Dookie put together of all the templates, patterns and stensiles I realized that I have never post the patterns for the soft parts (Thigh pockets, belt pouches, shin pockets and spats)

So here they are.



  • Boba Fett Spat.pdf
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  • Belt Pouch rev A.pdf
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  • Thigh Pocket rev A.pdf
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  • Shin Pockets rev B.pdf
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Wow. Alan, How do you find time to sleep?? If anyone's looking to make something, Wizard Of Flight's stuff is THE way to go. Nice job man....
WOW!!!, Thanks a million man, I am in the process of making this things, and believe me this is very, very helpful. Thanks again for your time and art.


Thanks Wizard! I am new to the site, and to the Fett experience, but you have made it easy to get started. Amazing work brother!

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I believe what you're looking for is cotton twill and there are plenty of dye tutorials on here depending on what version you're going for :)


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These are awesome patterns.Thank you so much Alan.As another member said, you are helping us DIY guys save money. In my opinion, I think it is more rewarding to make what you can on your own.Personaly gives me a sense of accomplishment.

Awesome stuff.


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You are once again my hero! Building a suit for a 7year old who decides his costumes 6 months in advance to give Mama enough time to make them. I didn't know what I was getting into!! It's been so much fun.


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Blind guy question: is there any text in the attached patterns for the spats and belt pouches, or are they strictly patterns? If there is any text, would anyone be willing to provide me with just the text, not as part of an image, so I can have a rough idea of what these projects would entail?