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Jango 425

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Hey everyone its me I starting this thread because I needd some relly good reference for armor and somebody else might to so please post PICS of your Mando Armor please show your weapons too:jet pack


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Jango Fett Open Seasons. I'm still working on my jet pack... should have it done in a couple of weeks :D My weapon is just a Hasbro Stormtrooper gun painted flat black... plan on upgrading that in the future. Oh and I have a couple of junky Rubies Westars which I probably won't upgrade, simply because this version of Jango OS doesn't really pull out his pistols much.


(sorry, this image was HUGE so, I just posted the link)
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Wow, you could get alot of pix running in here. I think most people have completed or W.I.P. threads you could look through but, if you'd like to start a reference thread here I guess I'll play along.

my original armor, jaing skirata 1.0:

jaing skirata 2.0, retired after helmet was autographed by karen traviss at sdcc 08:


my new charater, a'den skirata 1.0:

upgrade to a'den skirata 2.0:

upgrade to a'den skirata 3.0:

most current armor, i believe it's 3.2 or 3.3:

my oldest son's original armor, ordo skirata:

oldest son's current armor, kohm'rk skirata:

my youngest son's 1st set of armor, prudii skirata:

my youngest son's current armor, kad'ika:

my WIP, Mandlore the Indomitable:


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LOL A'den, so many pics! All of them are great though! I wish I had such cool costumes when I was a kid!

And I love that black Mando RC!


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Some awsome stuff guys, A'den your kids look like they're ready to kick some serious arse, I love it. And Synn's pic with the gungan head is so epic lol


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I love the tribal on the armor Synn!

And Casius, you don't have much more before you could be 501st approved, right?

Actually 501st said my gauntlets weren't right, my vest wasn't right and my knees weren't right.... lol

Oh well, I really don't care to be honest. For one, it would be easy to add hoses to the gauntles, which is all they wanted, but I'm NOT going to get a leather vest. In the comic, it looks cloth, IF he even has a vest at all, and I'm not going to change it. The knees were a FP charity and I'm also not going to change them...

Anyway, when I get my JP finished, which is close to being done, and my new back plate, I'll just join the Mando Mercs :D


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I am no good at posting pics Ill try.
I threw this armor together for halloween then I got bit by the bug.
My new helmet will get started in a week or two.

So I think that works...?
ALso you may notice that the Armor is not sitting on the blast vest very well I am having trouble with getting snaps to stay on the TCA if any one could help I would be greatful