Post Your Custom Mando Pics

This thread might be better suited in the "customs" section that is set up here on the TDH. There are tons of threads there with shots of peoples different customs.
yeah, good point ^^. i don't have any pix of the whole costume setup, and i'm still missing a back plate and guantlets, but you'll have to trust me that this Custom Mando looks alright.


i still don't know how to put pix directly in the reply, sorry about that....
to give everyone a visual, it's got black underneath, the thigh pouches are gray, the helmet is a repainted Jango helmet, with black instead of the blue-purple. the cape is a silvery gray, and the knees are gray. i'm still messing with my camera (stupid Vivatar) but i'll probably get it fixed soon.
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Here is my bucket front and top


my plates and gauntlets with the dremel work and paint done.

and a couple of it all put together.


Me guarding Aaron Allston at a book signing.
haha, go maul go!!!

i feel a little out of place with only armor, but i've got a question. right now i've been using some of those air force cover-alls for my jumpsuit. should i be using something else?
I would say use what ever you like and is comfortable for you. The under shirt that I am wearing is an old paintball Jersey and I am wearing black BDU pants. I have seen alot of cover-alls and jump suits used as well.
From the Chicagoland Photo shoot:

Left to right: Me as Jodo Kast, Seeker as Jango Fett, Clone Emperor as Durge, and Got Maul as Boba Fett.
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