Post Sarlacc Helmet base


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Hey TDH!

First ever post here!
I was wondering if I wanted to make the Post-Sarlacc helmet which Boba wears in TM2, which base helmet I would use for that?

The ESB or ROTJ one? Not sure which one they used on the show.

Thanks a lot guys! Awesome community you have here :)


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Hey there, first of all...welcome to TDH!
As for the Helmet...
The show used an entirely new sculpt with no lineage to the screen used OT helmets. It was a modified helmet that Legacy Effects made for their 1:1 Sideshow ROTJ bust. There are already casts made of it out this rate I think they're going to become even more easier to get by the time Book of Boba comes out.


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Thank so much for the warm welcome and your detailed answer :)
Still learning all the stuff Boba haha.

Thanks again!!!