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It really stinks, the costume has no where you can have "pockets" so that you can store your id etc. when you go out trooping/galavanting. She has butt pillows but no pockets! Arg. I have been using the holster Dallas and I made as a pocket for holloween candy, but don't have any place else.. Mebbe I could make one under the skirt, kinda like butt pockets! :lol:
could you stitch a small "credit card/money" sized pocket on the inside of the cummerbund¿ Ah hell - you wouldn't be able to pick em out anyway with gloves on :)
:lol: as my mom would say a "charity belt" instead of a chastity belt...(she has a really heavy chinese accent)

Jango's have it sooo easy. They got a leather belt with tons o'pockets!

Zam I Am wrote:

's have it sooo easy. They got a leather belt with tons o'pockets!

Well... there's your answer! :D Make Jango carry all the candy around for you! :D :D The least he could do after singeing your nose hair! ;) :D
considered the vest, but you can't get to the pockets easy. Now, a leather pouch behind the armor might work, but it has to be mighty slim. And, if it was behind the stomach plate, it would be really really squished, cause the wires to hold the chest plating and the horseshoe greebs would give it very very little room.
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