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Jr Hunter
This is my first post here in the cargo hold. These parts were purchased by me from a friend. Everything is from unknown makers except for the gauntlets, girth belt, and gloves they are from MOW. The blue tape on the gauntlets was just so i can hold them together and try them on. Any offers are worthy. This sale is OBO as I'm trying to get rid of these to purchase already finished esb gear. Please PM if you have any questions. Thank you.

Parts list:
1.MOW gauntlets (push buttons installed, with accurate light)-SOLD
2.MOW girth belt (size 34")-SOLD
3.MOW gloves (size L/XL)-SOLD
4. Synthetic wookie braids-SOLD
5. Back armor-SOLD
6. Sholder armor with decals-SOLD
7. Knee armor with metal darts-SOLD
8. Ammo belt (size 36")-SOLD
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