Pics of my jango costume


hi everyone,
well, i dont much need to say anything about this costume since all praise goes to pantera for putting it together and doing all the hard work. also thanks to the members on the TDH who crafted such outstanding pieces.

i will get some full shots of the costume later since i need to adjust all the leg armor straps shorter so they will fit better. im also in the process of adding industrial strength velcro to go along with the straps for a better securement for the leg armor. i also wasnt wearing the JP in the pic since i didnt figure out how to wear the JP harness until 3 days after i had took the pic. :p



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thanks phantom,
i will try and get some more photos up as soon as i can. i have been down with laryngitis for about a week now so i havent been doing much.
thanks for all the kind words guys. :D
like i mentioned, the costume looks as good as it does because of the super talent from the board members here.

my wife thanks you for the compliment on her kitty cat calender. :cheers
thank you tambo.

getting this outfit was kinda like finding the holy grail for me since i have been a huge mandalorian fan every since i first saw boba on the big screen back in the late 70's and then jango with the release of ATOC :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

now i just need to find another job so i can get back to work and buy some more jango items from more of the talented artist here and also hopefully start on a custom all black mandalorian outfit.

here is a little bigger photo.

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thank for the compliment Master-Jedi-Allma. ron did a fantastic job with it.

lol, thanks ron.
ya know what they say.. the threads make the man 8)
it also helped that we had a similar build :cheers
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