pics of my costumes

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i have been a tie pilot for about a year or more now,and my jedi for almost as long as well...i now have a robe for my jedi so i will post pics of all that together too.
dont really know why i never posted pics of my costumes but hey here they are!






these are from a convention in yeah
and the vader in the pics is Jimmy Buffett

i also have newer hoses so the hose here is my old stuff

The Clayster

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oh and here!
more of my new hoses,and one from the previous convention!


note i have no depth perception in my TIE helmet so i was a lil farther up than aeveryone else..and it was very uncomfrotable


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Hey I know that place. How's it going? I was there the second day as Boba for a little while and I had to do a 1 and a half hour panel on prop building at that con. I do have to say though Phoenix Cactus Comic Con welcomed the 501st with open arms and free passes and even a free space to set up our Deathstar wall. This is a con to keep an eye on. Next year it will be in January. If anyone has a chance to get to phoenix you should look it up.