Pics of My Costume at ILM Halloween Party!


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Here are a few pics of my costume at the ILM Halloween party! This was the first time I had worn all of the pieces together, so it was my first real test run. Last year I went as EZ Wheeler, and everything fell apart. It was horrible. Add the fact that I was the main character in a very mediocre game, and it was a horrible Halloween overall. Things went very well this time and I was surprised with how well the costume held up. It just goes to show how much TDH has helped me in my costume-making abilities! :D Thanks, guys!


Generic stance... :)


Here's me dancing on the stage with Bluntman! (Ignore the date...)


Some say I look like Temura Morrison, 20 years younger. I don't see it, personally. (Again, ignore the date... :))

Here's the best picture of them all!
Are you ready?
Prepare yourself!

The Maker himself! Whoo hoo!

Now for factoids about my costume:
First of all, it's nowhere near complete. I've got no backplate, the gauntlets and armor aren't weathered, the kneepads have no darts, I haven't painted the vest yet, the left breast plate has holes in it instead of slight indentations, the helmet doesn't have a gasket, the gauntlets are missing LED's and Switches, and a whole bunch of other things. Thankfully, no one noticed! Not even George!

-The Helmet is a converted DP'96, painted with Silver Leaf RnB, Krylon Ocean Blue, and Rustoleum Royal Blue. The Visor is one of Rembrandt Studio's. The RF stalk was one of BKBT's awesome aluminum stalks!
-The Chest, Shoulder, and Leg armor were made out of Sintra and painted with Silver Leaf RnB. I used Mirax's methods for the cod piece and kneepads!
-The Gauntlets were Vacuum-Formed copies of resin gauntlets I bought off of Ebay. The resin was just too darn heavy. Of course, these copies are for personal use only. ;)
-The Jumpsuit was a modified Sears Roebucks coverall. It originally came in dark navy blue, so I had to lighten it a bit. I used several packs of Rit Color Remover and bleached it several times to do this. It's still too darn dark, but it's passable.
-The Vest was made out of dark blue vinyl. I cut out the patterns myself based on a vest I had. My mom was kind enough to sew it together for me. Thanks, mom! :D
-The Inner Belt/Holsters were made out of shoulder leather found at Tandy (Thanks for the tip, Mirax!). I carved the shapes for the holsters out of balsa wood blocks, and wet formed the leather over the shapes. They turned out fairly well, I think.
-The Braided Belt was made out of braided polyester rope shoe gooed onto a piece of vinyl, then spray painted with Rustoleum Leather Brown.
-The Ammo Belt was also made out of shoulder leather. I pretty much used Mirax's methods for making it. Thanks again! :D
-The shoes were Deer Stags I bought at the Shoe Pavilion. I used Jango Bear's method of attaching the shoe armor. The heal of these shoes were too thick to install the snaps I had. :facepalm
-Last but not least, the Jet Pack was an MLC Arena jet pack! I used Seeker's paint scheme for it, except for the light blue. I wasn't able to find Federal Blue, so I used Rustoleum Country Blue. It was a bit too light, but after weathering it slightly, it looked a lot better. The harness was one of BKBT's and it worked beautifully!

Now, to finish off the details! :D
WOW! :eek:(y)
Really nice jango costume Rammage!! I didn't even notice any of the things you were missing until you said something.
Looks like you had a blast at the party. Must have been pretty cool meeting Ol' George.

Once you have all the things added you need, your costume should be one of the best Jango's around. ;)

Again great job! :)
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great costume so far! and I agree that you don't look like temuera morrison.... you look like eric koston
So, did Georgy ask where you got all those wonderful suit components??? :) Lucky he didn't lock you in the ILM brig! You wear your suit well though man, looks good! ;) OH, if you would like to know where to sign up for the team its over here in the ESB camp!! PAINT IT GREEN!! :lol:
Very cool. But, at that point, if I get the chance to take a picture with "the man", I take the helmet off, to prove it's me!
Not saying that it ISN'T you, but just to prove to friends that don't hang out on boards like these. :D
Where's George's costume? It's not like he doesn't have access to the coolest costumes made (not to mention that they are the real ones). Actually, if he wanted to go as something outside of Sci-Fi, he could have left his glasses at home, put on a tie-dyed shirt, and a skirt and went as Rupert from Survivor. :lol:

Thanks for the kind words, guys!

METALLBOY: It was very cool meeting him, indeed! I'm fortunate in that I'm able to see him around from time to time, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to talk to him and get my picture taken with him.

Foxbatkllr: Yeah, I don't get it myself... Perhaps when I'm not wearing a balaclava and when someone sees me across the room, I might bare a slight resemblance because of my darkish skin/hair? :confused

Appolo_50: Good call! Now I know what I'll look like when I shave my hair! :lol:

WPK: George is used to that sort of thing at those parties. There was this one guy who had an awesome Boba costume a couple years ago. Come to think of it, a few months after that, he was fired for stealing Ep.2 stuff while he was working on the project. Not a good sign for the Fetts at that party! As for the ESB costume, soon enough my friend! I had to practice with the easier Fett before going to the real deal. :D

Jedi-Bob: Thanks, man! It was one of the rare pics where he was smiling. Some of my friends got pictures with him and he looked like he wanted to kill people. :evil

sith_camaro: Yeah, I think putting on the helmet was a reflex action. Several people asked me for pics and I always put my helmet on beforehand. So when it was time for the George pic, my brain was all, "Picture time! Put on the helmet!" Well, at least you can see my ugly mug in the third picture! :D

BobaFettish: George went as "George." He's the only guy who doesn't need a costume there! And that picture of Rupert was disturbing...

TK895: Mookie? :confused
Ha ha :lol:, You do look like Koston, Appolo50, do you skate? nice call on the Koston....rad costume BTW!:), and never mind 'ol George, you're dancin with Bluntman!:lol: thats so funny!
You bet, Mirax! No way I could have finished my costume without your advice and the pics on your website! Thank you so much! :cheers

Now, that had to be a great time!!

;) :D

Right on, your outfit turned out to be the best one there!!


VERY cool getting your pic taken w/ George!


And, darn glad we were able to get your Jet Pack to you in time for the party!!!

:D :D :D

take care,

I cant believe what George is wearing is that his Poor-Boy costume or what? He is wearing a $5.00 belt...i would hate to see his shoes..ugh!

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