Pics of green and white vinyl DP comparisons


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Here are three helmets in order from left to right: Green vinyl '95 DP, White vinyl '95 DP, and an MSH-2.

(Don't laugh at my son's Jango, it's been up in the attic for a year and a half.:lol:)

Hopefully this will put to rest the rumor that the green and white vinyl helmets are the same size.




Anyone want to donate a mystery or Marrow_Sun helmet for my line-up?

Yes, both are originals, neither are recasts and neither have been modified in any way other than painting. The copyright stamp is still on the inside of the green vinyl one, the white vinyl helmets had the stamp on the outside, so that's been sanded down. Sorry.:(

See, that's freakin' weird. My green DP95 had the stamp on the outside whereas your green DP 95 you say has the stamp on the inside. Someone really needs to write an article on all of the different DP helmets out there. My friend Angela had a green helmet (97?) that was way smaller than her new Rubies Fett helmet. There just seem to so many variations with these helmets.
Again, very interesting to see such a drastic change in the same year of production. I also find it interesting how much smaller it got all of a sudden.
Well, maybe it has to do with where it is manufactured. I know with the SW action figures, both in the Kenner and Hasbro lines, the same action figure often had different sculpts in different countries of production, even though the figures all made their way to the states for distribution. (Check out the Kenner Biker Scout, for example, if you have the Action Figure Archive book.) Maybe that's the source of the differences, each manufacturer for some reason had different sculpts instead of getting similar molds from the same source for their production line. Weird. :facepalm
I have green interior '95 and the features do not look like yours. Also, my copyright stamping was on the outside, as well.

However, I don't put it past DP to have incredibly funky variations in production pieces.
o.k. , so , i'm using a 96 dp and i just aquired a fiberglass helmet from another tdh'er . what i really want to know is , how does one get ahold of one of these MSH's, OR MSH 2's?
I hate to complicate things even further, but......These MSH 2 helmets, are they larger than the "Mystery" and "Marrow_Sun"?
I don't believe your green interior 95 is the real thing. I've heard about counterfeit DP95's from like Taiwan or something. They always have the stamp on the inside rather than the outside. I have a green interior 95 that looks absolutely nothing like yours and in fact looks identical to your white interior 95.
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