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    I have a number of things in process at this time but this is where I am on my jetpack for ROTJ Boba Fett. This started as a couple of different pepakura files that I melded together (Skip & Soba). Card stock outer construction with architectural cardboard inner structure forming a laminate with gusseted corners. When I had this all completed I used smooth cast to coat the inside to fill in all the corners and gaps to tie everything together. The rocket & thrusters are made to be detachable. I am at the phase where I am getting the outside filled and smoothed and ready for paint. I have found that I have had to keep many things going at during waiting time while things dry, the only thing I have completed currently is my gauntlets. Also made my beacon & stabilizer from scratch. The beacon I made out of 3/4" copper tubing and the stabilizer made from some architectural cardboard, pen, & micrometer ratchet thimble. It came out so far only weighing in at 4 pounds and it is very sturdy.













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    Thanks for the kind words everyone. The jetpack is a huge under taking.

    Yes ball peen hammer, anvil, & lots of heat. Used a small propane torch & heated up the end of a length of copper tubing. Kept rotating the piece hitting it with the hammer to get the shape I wanted. I cut it to length after it was all shaped to make handling easier.

    Haven't updated this thread in a bit so here is some updates. I will fill in some gaps cause I am actually almost done painting so will catch up to that point. Have only been updating my WIP thread.

    Made the piano keys in pep & filled them with bondo gluing them onto the shelf area that I used architectural cardboard to make. Spent a lot of time sanding & filling & did get some primer on it.

    Worked on the details on the rocket. I used the rims from plastic cups to make the small thin rings. The collar piece towards the top of the rocket, I used a medicine bottle lid to give the vertical spline. I finished up the 3 straight pieces on the rocket using plastic trim for 1/8" fiberglass sheeting. Used epoxy putty to fill in the center to make it solid and attached it to the rocket. Sanded it and blended it in.

    The bottom grate piece was made from architectural cardboard & layered to give depth. Didn't take any pics of prior to gluing it to the body of the jetpack.
















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    Another quick update.

    Painted the body of the jetpack, rocket, & thrusters with silver & cleared it to begin the rest of the paint process. I have found the putting a clear on the metallic paints helps adhesion of the rest of the paint.

    Thrusters & rocket are done. Thought I would start with the smaller pieces & get them done first before tackling the body of the pack.

    Painted the main body of the jetpack. Have the white & yellow done with some misting of browns & grays for some weathering. Still have some finish weathering that I plan on doing once all the colors are done. Not too sure if I am happy with the yellow color, thinking it needs to be more orange. May do some work on that some more.

    Blue paint was next some light weathering of gray & black misted.

    Finally finished up with the red. Currently have to finish all weathering & the fuel tanks. Painting came to a halt with the severe cold & various holiday activities. Weather is starting to get above freezing so planning on trying to get this finished.















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    Thanks guys, spent a long time staring at the different packs in the gallery. I went with the MOM style. Just liked the looks of that one.

    All paints so far have been Rustoleum spray paints. Will be doing all the dirty weathering with air brush though.

    Thanks, have to say went a little out of the box on making the beacon. I am going to try and let some of the copper color come through because the MOM pack shows some copper color under the black.

    Here are some photos of the stabilizer that I made from a micrometer thimble ratchet, ball point pen, & some architectural card board. Never posted any prior to primer.



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    Thanks for those kind words, but not quite done yet. Calling it about 85% at this point but close.
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    The paints that I used were all Rustoleum Ultra Cover 2X Satin.

    Base was a metallic aluminum
    Deep Blue
    Claret Wine misted with Colonial Red
    Blossom White
    Summer Squash misted with Striping Yellow
    Stone Gray

    Weathering was with:
    Dark Gray
    Flat Black

    I mist in with the different colors when the paint is still wet. Gives a nice blend. You will have to look at the reference photos in the gallery for how the paints are used. Also pick a specific pack to go with there are different paints on the packs & there are differences in them. Study them closely. Most of the damage goes to the base silver. There are a few areas that show portions of gray so I masked off just those few areas. I still need to finish my weathering. It needs to be a lot dirtier.

    A couple of other recent threads to look at are:

    Hope this is some help.
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    You are welcome glad I could help. I forgot to add that when all competed you will have to put a dull coat on after all painting is done.
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    Finished up the painting on my jetpack. Did the weathering & added the symbols & striping. Hand painted all of the symbols & tried to make them look as they do on the reference photos. I am finishing up the stabilizer & beacon so that these can get attached & need to add the hooks.




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    Thank you for the kind words.
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    Thanks Lou, this was built before I modeled up the 3D printed pieces. The rocket & thrusters were quite a challenge but learned a few things which was one of the reasons I decided to do the 3D printed pieces. Jetpack is a tough one to build as you know but is a fun project. I may update this pack at some point with those pieces but for the time being I am pretty happy with this pack it has held up great.
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