Painting went wrong?

Jamie Fett

New Hunter
Okay i bought some fan made armour and set to work as my first attempt. Pictured is the paint job that it came in.
I started painting it and started with the metal undercoat. That looked pretty good so obviously I moved on to the yellow. No problems either.
Finally, the green. And not to put too fine a point on it, it looks like someone who can't paint very well has painted on a bad day. It doesn't look like armour at all.
I'm gonna have to sand and start again.
What am I not doing. I read about acrylic wash. What is that? and powder spraying black. What does that mean. Any tips gratefully received.


hey man, first lemme ask u, did u primer over the old paint first or "paint" over the old paint?? pm me and ill help u out more :cheers
You won't have to sand the paint off, try using 'Acetone' (nail polish remover), this will dissolve the paint for you. It's a bit smelly, but will save you loads of time. Don't try this if the armour is made form plastic though;)

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