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Well I don't know much about the Boba Bucket, but that is some great paint jobs! Maybe you should post this in the Helmet section for more responses. Good luck on a great affordable helmet!


TDH Members,

Hello! After surfing this site for 10 months I realized I’ve never intruded myself. My name is Steven and I’m going on my forth year of college. Last November I was looking for a Halloween costume thinkingI wanted to put together a quick Boba Fett...and now months later I’m 90% done… Being a Theater majorand minoring in technical theater I have enjoyed acting and all the other aspects of putting on a show.I’m currently Prop master for the productions we’ve done that past year and I love it... Any ways I’mposting this to inform everyone that I have big plans to help TDH members. First off, as of now I’m offering airbrush-painting services on all Boba gear, helmets, armor you name it. I’ve just finished al13ns’s armor and will post the final pictures soon. Now comes the Bold future plans; let me start by saying my father owns a business in Manhattan called Sculpture Hose Casting. From the title you can guess that he makes molds and casings of pretty much anything, he also sells mold making and sculpting supplies. With his shop and supplies at my disposal I decided to start my own Fett helmet sculpt. I’m looking to make high quality castings at a low price, staring with resin then working towards fiberglass. What I would appreciate from the members here is to gage what parts of the helmet people like on other buckets, separate earpieces, asymmetrical mandibles, the wavy brown, and accuracy over symmetry. Also if anyone has measurement closer then wizard of flight templates let me know because that’s what I’m basing this off of. So if we all share our ideas maybe this bucket can be one everyone had a part in and will enjoy. If everything goes well with the bucket I will move on to armor, jet pack, maybe even gun kits. So let the suggestions role in and thanks for reading all of this.


Al13ns’s armor Thread

P.S. The money I’m making from the painting is going into the making of the molds, I maybe getting supplies a little cheaper but mold making is still every expensive and time consuming especially with high end castings. If you need any thing painted PM me.
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