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I need to know something rather quick. I have a blaster that has 2 major flat panels that are made from rubbermaid sheets cut from a garbage can. I tried shooting it with a Krylon flat black paint and it scratched off very easily.
My question is, if I shoot it first with that Krylon Fusion grey paint as a primer, then shoot it with the flat black, will it stick?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Perhaps the surface is too fat.. try roughing it up with sandpaper first... give the primer more surface to grab hold of..
Some plastics need to be washed with soap and water as well, I'd scuff it up with a low grit Sandpaper like Boba Swede said, wash it and prime it and then paint.

I got my first coat of the Krylon fusion down today and at present, letting it dry. It seems to resist the scratch test so hopefully this is a step in the right direction. I will let you know how this progresses.

mmm.. try the scratch after is has dried as well... sometimes the only reason it sticks is because it's still wet.. but when it's dry it flakes off like dandruff (spelling??)
:) curious as to how this turns out... as I have to paint my rubbermaid trash can armor aswell soon... allready heavily sanded though
You could also get a can of adhesion promoter from a automotive store like pep boys or autozone. It is used for painting plastic parts on cars.
Sanding is the key. I made an old Sandy backpack out of all rubbermaid and just sanded every square inch of the surface,leaving nothing smooth and you would have to gouge it to remove the paint:eek: BTW,I used 220 grit sandpaper.

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I used the rubbermade for the kidney armor........a combination of heavy sanding (220 like DL44Blaster said) and the Krylon fusion as a base should suffice. I haven't had a problem and this piece of the armor does flex a wee bit.

So far so good with the Krylon Fusion holding as a great base. And because you guys have been so`s a sneak peek at my secret project...Rubbermaid sides and all..

*gasp* A picture of Jodo's ever-elusive blaster project! Finally, after all that teasing at HVM!

Nice work, Jodo! That's going to be very cool.
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