Painting questions for the gurus


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I'm trying to paint the armor. Actually this is the second go around as I went ahead and ordered some armor from BM (My first set was trashcan). I have all the correct colors according to RS list and was needing to ask some questions about the acrylic blackwash.

I've done searches on everything I could think of and have read through quite a few different ideas on how this should be done.

Here is my major question. When doing this should the overall effect look mottled when viewed up close?

To me it looks decent from a small distance, but I just don't know and want to get some input here. I am not a stranger as to the properties of a wash and how they work as I used to paint gaming minis for years and won several contests, however, that is on a much smaller scale than I am working with now.

The first pic is a combo of my trashcan armor collar (bottom...duh) and my BM collar (top). On the trashcan I sprayed with Rustoleum Spruce Green, airbrushed darker spots of Spruce/Ultra Flat Balck Mix, and highlighted again with Spruce (airbrushed this time)...
The BM is airbrushed US Med Green, then Acrylic black/washer fluid wash, then dabbed away with paper towel...

BTW I never finished the weathering on the trashcan collar or added the yellow.

Here is an up close pic of the BM collar showing the mottling look...

The chrome underneath is masked off still as I don't want to remove until I think I am on the right track with this.

Any ideas or input is, as always, greatly appreciated.


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Buehler? Buehler?

Sorry to seem like I'm pressing the issue, but I really am anxious to get on the right track and back to painting. Thanks!


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my washed areas do have a slight mottled effect. whether that's appropriate or not remains to be seen ;)

if you look at super closeups of the armor, it's really not a uniform color... there are splotches and stains and all sorts of mess.


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Well, personally I'm not a "washer." I'm a "mister."
I paint my armor pieces topically; green, silver, zinc chr. yellow, then give it a misting with flat black. After that I seal it with a clear matte spray.


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keep in mind that the real deal was never "Washed" but rather misted with an airbrush and aso had spaters that can be created by taking a toothbrush with some thinned paint and thumbing it on. :)


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So let me ask this then.

What do you guys think about the close up image in my first post?

I am kind of on the fence about it, but after looking at some old military equipment (helmets, quick realease latches, basically green metal) they seem to have a similar finish built up. Kind of a weathered patina look.

I will probably paint up another piece and try using the misting bottle with the black/washer fluid wash. However I think that I would get the same results when dabbing it away with a paper towel.

Thanks for everything so far peoples!!


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I think it looks good, there is a lot of other stuff going on which will hide this effect, splatter, misting, small scratches and even the varnish sealant will help to settle the colour.

Look forward to seeing the finished result.