Painting Pistols (Pic Now!! Updated Aug 8 04)

Eht Eno

Hey, I was just wondering how do u paint plastic?

Cant find krylon paint for plastic around here. For some reason the local Lowes and Home Depot doesn't have them. Probably some kind of contract with Rustoleum. I even tried the small hardware stores n nothing.

Can't I just primer them and paint them?

I used a $1.00 water pistol for my ESB rifle.I used krylon primer with a flat black final coat and it didnt have any problems sticking to the plastic.I did claen it off with soap and water before the primer though.
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judz dwedd wrote:

Wal-mart caries fusion paint. :)

Completely out of the question. Wally World is almost 2 hrs away. dont have that time on my hands anymore.
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I used spray on truck bed liner from the local auto store. it was by duplicolor. It stuck to plastic great, and has a rough finish to it.


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