Painting ESB using Montana Cans


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Hi all, greetings,

As the title says, has anyone used Montana cans to paint ESB armor?



Fett 4 Real

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Don't think so, having used them on the Shoretrooper Id say the texture they leave is not desirable


I had a go , although the colours look good on the swatches it didn't really work. As F4R says they use some of the colours (beige / gold) on the shoretrooper builds. The paint is made primarily for the use on graffiti "pieces " and so the paint out of the can is thick ,designed this way to cover walls and anything on the wall. The colours are also vary vibrant and don't match the subtle tones required for a Fett paint scheme. I also tried cobra paints but it also had the sane qualities as Montana.


As a Graffiti artist and Montana Cans user for years I have to say Fett 4 Real and Funkyred are right. But I would try it on a piece of plastic and maybe with polishing or reely fine sanding after the last layer you could get the look you want. You will never know unless you try.