Painted armor with my new airbush!


EDIT: It´s called Evolution Silverline

It´s made by Evolution, I´ll see if I can find the exact mod. number. It cost around $275 + $350 for the compressor.
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Nice Job! Someday soon I will have My suit and I shall see if I'm any good when I break out My air brush... hope it looks as good as yours!

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lookin good bro! I have an airbrush also, and will be using on my FP armor once it arrives,its probably paid for itself 5 times over with all the things i use it for haha, great tool to have!


Thanks! Pretty happy with it. Still some more layers to do though and the seal it all in. But it's getting there.


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Looks great dude.I love the shading effects you can do with those.I never learned how to use one.I am a strict topical painter unless I am painting metal.


Thanks guys!

I'm happy with it so far. Still going to do some more misting on it and finetune the scratches before I seal it all in there though. This was my second time painting with an airbrush, so I still have a long way to go before I can say I master the art of airbrushing to any great extent. But starting with the armor is great training for when my BM helmet arrives. :)


Well jeez, if that's your second attempt at it, you've already more than succeeded. I can't wait to see how this all turns out.