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Wannabe Mandalorian

Hi there i will be recieving my DP 1996 boba helmet and armour soon, but i need your help! :lol: i need someone to paint my helmet & armour and weather it too, the armour etc is going to have its own colour scheme similar to boba fetts.

P.S If no one is up to doing this a tutorial would be great! :D

Thank you
Have you read through many of the sections on here or checked out the search engines?

I think you'll find more tutorials than you'll know what to do with! :)

Welcome aboard.

Painting the armor is one of the greatest parts about having a Fett. You should paint ur own stuff, not only will you have a proud piece of mandalorian armor, but its a really fun hobby.
Hi there i was wanting to use dark sun yellow (red on bobas) and 2 different tones of green. Would i have to spray the helmet with silver, then mask it (for scrapes) then put the rest on? Thats what confuses me :(
Im a rookie.

Also is enamel spray paint ok to use?

Just about everything you ever wanted to know about painting your helmet is is in TDH somewhere! Seek, and ye shall find the answer to all your questions :) Enamel paints are just fine, in fact, there seems to be a wider selction of colors if you use enamel. Yeah, painting your own stuff is 99% of the fun! You can definately spray your helmet w/ silver 1st, then mask parts you want to show through with either rubber cement, masking tape, or even mustard I hear :lol: then spray your other colors. when all is dry, the fun begins. peel off your tape, or use a rubber cement pick-up eraser to remove your masking, (depending on what you decide to use for mask.) Instant battle damage. This is just one method of many. I leave it to you to discover more on your own. :) Have fun
How do you get scrapes and scratches on the helmet?
And blaster damage? Does anyone know where i could find a tutorial?


P.S i was thinking in painting the front part (red) dark sun yellow. and the rest different tones of green
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