Paint question?


Wasnt sure where to ask this but I've painted a helmet with rustoleum protective enamel paint and I wanted to buff the hard lines where the paint is uneven, I have a dremel with the buffing tools but should I use a compound or water or what?


Sr Hunter
Delta-9 said:
no I mean where I masked off areas, I just want to soften the line without misting it with anything.

If you have a little raised ridge where 2 colors meet, you can try a Scotchbrite pad or some very fine sanding film, but be reeeeally careful until you get a feel for how much pressure to use.
I'd practice that technique on something first.

I would think if you used a buffing wheel, even at a relatively slow speed, it would be too hard to control.


Thx everyone the 2000 grit sandpaper worked perfect.

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