Out of the shadows

Greetings fellow members of TDH.

Michael here, from Northern Ireland. Telecommunications Engineer and former Royal Signals Communication Systems Engineer living in Gloucester U.K.

I’ve been a member for a while, but haven’t posted much. I’ve been loving this site since joining. I’ve bought stuff from many of the vendors here and have received some amazing pieces to add to my build.

To give something back I’m going to start posting my work in progress for my ROTJ Hero Fett which started in 2018. Keep a look out for it and any tips and constructive criticisms are most welcome.


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Hiya roger12RAMJET!
Welcome! I’ve seen you on here a bit and you’ve given some helpful advice to this noob! Good to know you’re also doing a ROTJ Boba build as well. Just started my journey towards this in November of 2019.

You’re also in Telecommunications as well huh? I’m a former PBX/VoIP field engineer. I made the switch to Sales Engineer two years ago. Had to hang up my tools after being in the field for over 20 years. (And frankly the money was more attractive! )