Opinion Pre-pro2 or ROTJ paint?


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Ok folks I have a bit of a delema that I can't decided the proper route to go on.

So here it is, I am putting the finnishing touches on my pre-pro2 costume it's all done but a few last little touches. I had one of the MLC1 jet packs that i painted in the ROTJ scheme because it's a more weathered better looking jet pack, I was very happy with it and everyone else seemed to like it as well. Now recentally after MLC said he was updating his jet pack I sold my old one and I just recieved my brand new MLC v.2 jet pack (which is awesome by the way). Now the delema should I paint it ROTJ just because it looks better or should I go 100% accurate and do the less cool looking brighter pre-pro2 jet pack?

I am looking for your opnions on this one not the usual do what ever I like better answer (only because I can't decide). Part of me wants to paint the ROTJ version just because it looks better (its colors are a little less bright and it is more weathered) but the other part of me wants to do the pre-pro2 version to go with the rest of my costume. Yes I know it doesn't really matter as most people won't know the difference but I will and you folks will.

Oh and I need an diffinative answer soon because I have to get it painted by dragoncon and it will drive me nuts sitting around my house in all of it's silver glory.
Just incase anyone doesn't know which version I am talking about here are two pics the first one is not it, that is the pre-pro1 pack the 2nd one is the one I am thinking about. Until about 12 min ago I thought it was the first one also so I am really leaning toward the pre-pro2 pack since it isn't nearly as ugly as the pre-pro1.


I agree, ROTJ may look more "real" but it would kind of throw down the idea of your entire pre-pro suit.

heck, everybody has a ROTJ pack, you'd be a welcoming change of routine.

Just as the ROTJ and Preproduction 2 helmet are similar in terms of painting style and color, so are the ROTJ and Preproduction 2 jet pack; they are almost interchangeable. So, go Preproduction 2!
Ok I think it is settled I am doing the pre-pro2 pack! So now the big question, does any one have any more pics besides the one posted above? Or even that one but bigger?
Funny thing about the pre-pro 2 is that I have more memories as a kid seeing that suit in promotions back in 1979 than even the movie suits...the pre-pro 2 was on T-shirts, posters, and the stand ups too....It is an awesome design!!

Can't wait to see the finished product.

Even though my memory of the total suit is vivid, I'm not sure if these pics are of the pre-pro2 jet pack or not.....I think they are....I've studied ESB for so long, I'm afraid I've lost touch with the larger picture of Fett as an evolution of suits.

Hope these help....I'll email them to you as they are too large to put on here.


EDIT: I forgot I'll need your email as the server doesn't make out address public.
Yea I also grew up looking at the pre-pro2 suit. That is why I love this suit so much. Yes it's a techincolor wonder but I love this suit.

Any one who wants to send me pics can e-mail them to Predatormv@aol.com

Big thanks to everyone who is helping and offering opnions.
Yes thanks Tyler they will be a big help.

The angle I am looking for is either straight on from the back or the underside. And if anyone has the one from above in higher resolution it would help a ton.
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