Jaster Mereel Open Seasons Issue#2 Jaster Mereel

Jodo Kast 2749

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Allow me to introduce my attempt at recreating the Open Seasons Issue #2 Jaster Mereel.
I made the choice early on to try to make it exact to the comic and therefore most of the parts differ from the Boba and Jango armor that is seen in the films.
Overall, this project took a ton of work and stands as one of my most expensive costumes to date once you factor in the leather goods, the scope for the blaster, etc.

Helmet - Sgt. Fang Mystery (custom ear caps by me)
Armor - By me but with the excellent Wizard of Light Boba and Jango templates
Gauntlets - custom by me
Ammo belt - WWII French Army ammo belt

Small pics here with links to the full size versions below: (I took 3 side by side comparison shots as well)








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Ori'kandosii!!! Im feelin it. You did a great job translating the comic look into real world. The cherry on the helmet and bells looks great. The only thing crit wise I can see is maybe weathering the flightsuit some. Weathered armor and spanky clean flight suits always look a little off. After mission in and mission out in combat everyones fatigues get weathered and they look tired even after you wash them. If the flight suit was weathered to match your armor, Id say it would look perfect. Great freakin job.

Jodo Kast 2749

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Thanks for the compliments fellas.

I really meant to take some charcoal and a light spray of black primer to the jumpsuit but time ran out. I'll definitely add the weathering.


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That is such a wicked look. I would love to be an open seasons character but...I am making a skirata suit. Still the colors are just beautiful. Congrats

Jodo Kast 2749

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MDF and PVC. The scope is a $50 shotgun scope from Wal-Mart.
I did add a thin strip of aluminum for the "bolt" and have a high strength magnet imbedded in the barrel for the future attachment of the bayonette.

Dak Jerek

that looks so sweet! awesome translation from print to real. glad to hear you're going to add the bayonet, i was gonna ask about that. besides weathering, my only other criticism is maybe raise your thigh armor up a few inches, they look like they're falling into your knees.

Jodo Kast 2749

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Well, the armor I made myself. I used to sell these kits for $90 US for the Jango style. The shoe plates and knees are custom to fit the comic though.

Tambo Fett

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Nice job. I love the Jaster costume. While I perfer the EU costumes that look more like the screen used suits rather then the Comic book pictures. I think this is more on the part of the comic book artist just not having the time to put in all the detail this costume deserves. You did a fantastic job and you have matched the comic version perfectly.